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Anxiety, defined by google is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and to be honest sometimes I have absolutely no idea why. I mean, I always have experienced anxiety throughout my life for various reasons. But recently, I have become more aware and conscious of my body and my emotions.

I have woken up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and almost panic mode but I will not know why. At times through out my day I will also start to feel anxiety. My heart starts to beat extremely fast, my mind cannot think straight and is flowing with things. I pace around. It is not the greatest of feelings but I am incredibly grateful that I have become aware of my emotions and feelings. This allows me to control the anxiety when it appears. It may not be possible to erase anxiety forever, but it is definitely controllable. Read below for the things I do to help control my anxiety.

1. Exercise

Working out at home or hitting the gym, going for a walk or run can really release all the anxiety built up. It releases the stress and puts your mind at ease. Sweating out the toxic energy and allowing for positivity to flow in will ease the heart.

2. Meditation 

Meditating is an absolute blessing. I mediate on a regular basis as it brings peace and clarity to my mind. Learning to breath and control the heart rate will help control the anxiety. Mediation also brings clarity to your mind and allow you to bring your ideas forward rather then have them cause frustration and unease. It relaxes the entire inner and outer body.

3. Yoga

Now yoga is also another form of mediation and exercise but it deserves its own section. Yoga strengths and relaxes your body. It helps to cleanse negativity and toxic energy. It brings your heart rate down from anxiety. It tones and strengthens your muscle. It stretches areas of your body you never knew could be stretched. I promise, you will not regret doing yoga. Try it once a week and it will bring your anxiety down and clarity up.

4. Breath 

If you need a quick fix, take 5 deep breaths. This will make a big impact on your heart rate and help your anxiety. Taking deep breaths and focusing strictly on your inflow and outflow of air relaxes your muscle and reduces the tension built up. It also slows down the heart rate and bring it back to a steady pace.

5. Read/Listen to Podcasts

I find reading a good book or listening to a podcast truly helps me focus on the good. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I am a huge fan of personal development books. They teach me so much on perspective and being better. Sometimes while i’m driving or doing some work, I listen to a good podcast. Super Soul Sunday by Oprah is my absolute favorite. Listen to it every Monday morning. Sometimes I will just search a topic in the search button depending on my mood. I have also listened to some incredible podcast on anxiety and stress that truly help.

6. Go Out With Friends

Sometimes all we need is a break. Go out with some friends for a day or night out and take a break. Allow yourself to have some fun cause we all know we deserve it sometimes. Going out brings forth new inspiration, new ideas, and clarity. Do not be afraid to treat yourself.

I hope my tips help reduce your anxiety as they help mine. Do you have any tips on reducing anxiety?

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