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A few days ago, I purchased Miracle Morning from Audible. I joined their monthly subscription a few months back and absolutely love it. Every month, I get 1 credit towards any book I please. This month, I purchased Miracle Morning. I actually came across this book from Damsel In Dior, who happens to be my favorite blogger. I was watching her Instagram stories and became obsessed with affirmations. I knew I had to purchase this book.

After listening to the first half, I have decided to begin this week at 6 am every morning. I usually am awake and ready to go at 8am. But I just get up and start working or gym right away, never truly take the time out to work on myself. I have this habit of checking emails and notifications first thing.

Starting tomorrow, I will use the first hour working completely on myself. I am honestly not positive on how I will go about it. So far my plan is to wake up and be in silence for the first 10 minutes. To truly appreciate everything around me and be grateful for all I have. To breathe deeply and practice mediation. I always struggle meditating as my mind wanders off way too much. But I know it is extremely important in order to work on my personal self and overcome barriers.

Then I will journal. I will journal affirmations and read them aloud. I read my affirmation each morning and night but I know I can work on so many other parts of my life other then just my business. My business will only thrive once I thrive. After that, I will listen to the next chapter of Miracle Morning. Then I will do a 20 to 30 minute workout, shower and begin my day.

Within this hour I have told myself to put my phone away. Though I use my phone  to listen to the audio book, I must not use it for anything else. It is one of my worst habits.

I am excited to begin this new mini journey and share it with you guys! Wish me luck.

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  1. Steve Patterson

    Sometimes putting our phones away is the hardest part.

    1. Joti

      Agreed! It is honestly my life, but have to remember sometimes we just need to step back and be present

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