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Lately, I have been working on my faith. My faith in myself, my faith in my business, and my faith in the universe. I struggled a lot with this growing up. My bad habits really made me lose my faith. Anytime something went wrong, I would start to believe that that was it. It was over, not meant to be, never going to try again, just a failure, and so forth.

This is the worst habit to create. Habits are easy to maintain but incredibly hard to get rid of and/or change. This is one that I struggle with but can honestly say have become much stronger in. It started with reading books about personal development, this was the big game changer.

In all honesty, I had no idea I sucked at having faith in basically anything. It never occurred to me that the only time I truly had any sort of hope or faith was when I was desperate. This is a very unhealthy way to go about things. The first thing I do to develop stronger faith is deep breathing. Learning how to breath deeply in every situation I come across has completely changed the way I look at things.  It’s funny that the simplest thing, such as breathing, which everyone does in order to live, is the one thing that can change your life in many ways. It is about learning how to breath so that your mind is at ease, your body is calm, and you can see and think clearer.

I get anxious fast which causes anxiety, my heart starts to race and my mind goes haywire. I absolutely do not like this feeling. It makes me feel like I am going crazy. But what I do now throughout my day, not only when I feel anxious but when I want to be in the moment or just relax, is I take deep breathes. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 6 seconds. Just by doing this simple step, it has made the biggest difference.

Learning how to breath deeply throughout my entire day has made my faith that much stronger. In myself, my business, and the universe. It has taught me to work hard but also believe that everything will turn out the exact way it is supposed. That every situation we face is there to teach us a lesson and help us grow that much stronger. It has taught me to be present, in the moment. and be serene.

I highly recommend practicing your breathing because it will play a big role on how you see the world and how it increases your level of faith. Do you practice deep breathing?

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