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Being an entrepreneur, emotions can get pretty hectic. I don’t know how many times  I wanted to break down and either scream or just cry my eyes out. Not to mention I am an emotional person to begin with. Running your own business is not always easy. Especially in the beginning when mistakes are basically the only  thing happening. Which is not a bad thing I should mention because through these mistakes is how we continue to learn and grow!

There is this quote I came across yesterday, it says ” I think the one skill people need that they don’t know they need is the ability to manage their emotions. There are so many things you have to deal with as an entrepreneur that you just never have to deal with as an employee, and  your responsibility increases enormously. That’s why you need to be able to handle the ups and downs” – Srini Rao

This resonated with me completely. You face tremendous issues either on the daily, weekly, or monthly. Sometimes it’s technical errors and sometimes it is unhappy customers.

Just a few weeks ago, one of my machines broke down. Now this machine is vital in my business, I cannot print without. So when it broke down on me spontaneously, I freaked. At first I tried everything I could on my own to fix it, it seemed like a simple fix. I took a few deep breathes to calm myself. But then when I discovered this was not something I was going to be able to fix on my own, I searched for help still staying calm. But after three days, I was about to lose it. I had no idea what to do. I mean I found temporary solutions for the time being and got my orders going but still what was I going to do. Could I take on any more orders? Should I pass them up or take them and pray for a solution.

This was really testing my abilities to stay calm and find a solution. When we lose our calm is when we let our emotions take over. When our emotions take over, we lose our ability to think clearly.

I learned to manage my emotions by believing in my faith over my fears and staying calm. Taking  a few deep breathes and keeping my mind open to solutions. I have a bad habit of over thinking. Keeping the mind open and clear is vital! Lastly, I kept repeating affirmations to keep me going.

Being an entrepreneur you don’t have people to fall back on, it is all on you. Take it as a blessing to prove to yourself how fearless you really are.

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