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When I was 17, I got kidney stones. Now I did not even understand what this was. One morning in October, I woke up in extreme amount of pain in my kidneys, though I had no idea the pain was coming  from my kidneys. I just knew I could not stand straight, or walk proper, and wanted to scream. I had never felt so much pain before and for so long.

It had started in the middle of the night and prolonged to early morning. It was tolerable throughout the night as I did manage to fall back asleep. But once I was up, I did not know what to do. My dad ended up taking me to the emergency room and from there we proceeded to wait. But the pain got extreme. I was ready to punch walls and scream for mercy. It was like someone was continuously jabbing a knife in my body and I could not do anything about it.

Basically I was drugged and then later sent home. But what happened afterwards was the real game changer. I began to have severe digestion problems. I could not understand how or why this started to happen. It all started about a month before getting kidney stones and then lasted for years afterwards. I mean, I still have problems to this day.

I knew changes needed to be made. I became so much more aware of the foods I was eating. I began to drink liters of water everyday. I don’t know why but its like I just completely forgot to have my daily water intake. I was so unaware of all the decisions I was making in my daily eating routine before.

I decided I was going to go gluten free. This was before the big gluten free craze we have now. Finding food was not easy, and not everything was very good either, such as the bread. It took some time to get used to but now they have some amazing gluten free options out there. I do not have Celiac disease but man oh man, going gluten free really did change my life. I felt and feel so much better. My energy levels completely boosted, my system feels lighter, my weight has decreased, mainly because eating wheat and so forth was causing a lot of swelling in my body which I was never fully aware of.

When Shop and Shout provided my with the opportunity of a collaboration with SPUD, I was completely aboard! SPUD offers tonnes of amazing foods, from organic, gluten free and vegan options. I am so grateful to be a apart of Shop and Shout as they aim to boost brand awareness in targeted social communities. Plus they also sponsor a classroom for every 5000 influencers who join! I mean how amazing!

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