Summer is fast approaching and I must say, I am too excited. I miss BBQ dinners, sitting outside on the patio, having my coffee on my deck with the sun shining on my skin, and getting that vitamin D. Ahh, it is truly the best.

Lately the weather has been going from hot to cold within days. You never know if you are going to need your jacket or your shorts.

But with the warmer days creeping on us, it is time to prepare the backyard for some outdoor summer nights. There are incredible options to designing the right backyard to your needs. One important thing to remember is to create it to be full of comfort, experiences, and memories.

I love the pop of color in this yard set up. Adding the bright yellow chair with the colorful decor make it the perfect amount of electric pop. It has a friendly tone and placing the authentic mirror on the fence brings a homey vibe. This set up is perfect for the ultimate girls night in.

This back yard has a very cool and collective tone and is ideally one of my favorite set ups. The greenery all over and white table create a calm and soothing atmosphere. The staggered plants along the fencing are the perfect touch. It is a great place for an outdoor family dinner.

Adding drapery along the sides of the deck is a beautiful touch. It allows for a sense of privacy in a residential area without completely blocking the natural light. The pink tones used on this deck creates a soft tone and adding the outdoor rug creates utter comfort. This set-up also can create a romantic appeal for a lovely couple.

Pink is stated to have a definition of nurturing and that is what this room brings. It is comfortable and calm. The beds create a perfect place to relax, lay in the sun or even read a good book.

What’s great about this set-up, is the string lights and the outdoor fire pit as the center piece. Its like camping out in your backyard. It creates a family ambiance, a great way to get everyone together to roast some marshmallows and to ultimately have a good time.

How are you setting up your backyard this summer?

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